Monday, August 12, 2013

Become a Head Turner this Season with Patch Work Skirt

Patch work skirt is beautiful creation that is guaranteed to attract attentions of many. The vibrant and contrasting patches of color sewn to make a large design adds to the unique appeal of this amazing skirt. These skirts are versatile and can be worn with number of tops and tees. Full of color and interest, this attire has a magical appeal which can be flaunted each day.

The patch work technique is no longer limited to quilts and this time tested technique is being used to create a stunning piece of clothing. The patch work skirts are striking and are in huge demand among women of India and abroad. Patch work skirts may incorporate several types of fabric that creates a interplay of color, texture and design. The vibrant patches are meticulously arranged, using a repeating pattern to build up a larger finished design and are aesthetically appealing.

Patch work skirts are usually associated with hippie garments but it marks its presence on fashion runaways too. Patchwork skirts are available in luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, velvet and may be further ornamented with embroidery depending upon the taste of the designers.